Le Petit Trôo is a cow milk pasteurised cheese with firm and tasty texture with a slightly egg yolk colour on the outside .(50 % and 150 g. weight)

You can enjoy it after its stay in our maturing caves.
Kept in its wrapping in the refrigerator, it will develop with time more mature flavours.


A longer stay in our maturing caves-two cheeses conditioning- will accentuate the creamy texture.


It can also be enjoyed fresh simply drained and salted



with charcoal powdered ashes

aromatised with garlic and chives

aromatised with Natural pepper


45% full fat -220g fine and delicate texture revealing authentic and subtle flavours with spicy notes

Le Neuville is a 240 g soft pasteurised cow milk cheese. 40 %full fat.
After its stay in our maturing caves it develops a creamy flavour.
.Among differents added ingrédients:

  • Powdered wood ashes
  • Pepper
  • Herbs




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